5 Best Tips on Spreading Holiday Fitness Motivation

Fitness Motivation is by far the most important thing you need to start on a healthier lifestyle. If you have already embarked on a green regimen, a healthier lifestyle and a workout routine complete with fitness goals and a diet to boot, you probably have enough motivation stored inside you.

For sure, you’d also want others around your – friends and loved ones – to be healthier too! However, it might prove to be a challenge to get people to start on a healthy lifestyle, especially during the holidays. There are endless parties, and alcohol, desserts and all kinds of high-calorie food are aplenty. Aside from that, who wants to work out when they can curl on the couch, play video games and have a cup of extra-creamy hot chocolate?

Spreading Fitness Motivation

Just like spreading love, you can also spread fitness motivation this jolly season. They’re kind of the same thing, right? If you love someone, get them to be healthy!

We have compiled these 5 fool-proof tips on spreading fitness motivation during the holiday season. These tips are absolutely the best! When people around you get to start getting fit during the holidays, it means an early start for their New Year’s Resolution!

Best Methods to Spread Fitness Motivation during the Holidays

1. Get Outside

– the holidays is the most tempting season to curl up and hibernate. If you want to stay on track and get others to feel motivated to get fit, bring them outside! Think up of games you can organize where everyone gets to run and jump around! Nothing serious, just pure fun!

2. Explore the world around you

– find an interesting trail or a park nearby where you can take your loved ones and guests for a walk. Better yet, make it a daily ritual. This does not only provide motivation but it also provides an opportunity to bond with family and friends. Take a break from technology!


3. Organize a small Fitness Club

– get your friends and loved ones to participate. It does not have to be an outdoor one. You can have a small group who are interested in playing basketball, tennis, badminton or doing yoga or Zumba. If you have a bigger group, you can even have mini competitions to make it even more fun!


4. Be an Example

– if you want others to have some fitness motivation within themselves, how about showing them what fitness looks like? Stay fit, stay on track and show them what you have achieved. Holiday gatherings make the perfect stage for showing the results of your hard work this year. If you had worked hard and you have results to show, you don’t even have to try to get attention. The spotlight will automatically be on you and your well-toned muscles. Guests, friends,and loved ones will surely be motivated to start on a healthier lifestyle as their new year’s resolution!


5. Share your Diet

– Diet plays a big role in fitness and most people are put off from a healthy lifestyle from hearing the word ‘diet’ alone. Diet simply has a negative connotation somehow. It brings about images of starving yourself and suffering. The holiday season is the perfect opportunity to showcase the fact that a healthy diet can be delicious and satisfying too! Get them to try your favorite plant based smoothie or organic protein shake. They will see that being on a healthy diet is not bad at all!


You can also get them to try Green Regimen’s Elite Protein! It makes any green smoothie more delicious. You can also serve PhytoBLAST smoothies to kids so that they will learn to love healthy green smoothies from a young age.

Which ones among these will work in providing your loved ones’ fitness motivation? Which ones will you use?