Organic Vegan Protein Powder

Delicious tasting and not Chalky. Highest Quality Protein Plant Based Protein Supplement


Green Regimen Elite Protein Chocolate 30 Servings
  • $69.99
  • $38.99

Plant Based Protein

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Green Regimen Elite Protein Vanilla 30 Servings
  • $38.99

Plant Based Protein


Green Regimen Elite Protein Vanilla 14 Servings
  • $49.99
  • $29.99

Plant Based Protein


Green Regimen Elite Protein Chocolate 14 Servings
  • $49.99
  • $24.90

Plant Based Protein

Green Regimen Elite Protein Packet Single Serving - Chocolate
  • $3.99

Green Regimen Elite Protein Packet Single Serving - Vanilla
  • $3.99

Green Regimen Shaker Bottle
  • $7.99

Green Regimen Apparel

Men's Team 365 Performance Tee
  • $25.00
Women's 365 V-Neck Performance Tee
  • $25.00

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Gildan Softstyle Ring Spun 100% Cotton Fitted Tee - Black
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Port & Company Ring Spun 100% Cotton Loose Fit Tee
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Health & Fitness Expert & Plant-Based Diet Specialist

Green Regimen is a Health and Fitness company that develops natural, organic, plant-based products for Optimal Health. We have traveled the world in pursuit of identifying the finest and most effective organic ingredients because your health is our priority.

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Why Customers Love Green Regimen

One of my friends suggested this protein to me. He was drinking Elite Protein to maintain weight in a healthier way. So i decided to drink it as well because it's easy to blend with a smoothie.

Taliyah Hudson

I really like this stuff! Elite Protein is perfect
for days I don't eat enough. I love the
chocolate flavor. Plant Proteins are usually
chalky and hard to drink. Not this one. Whey
Protein used to upset my stomach but this
shake leaves my stomach feeling perfect.

Brandon Edman

I have both the vanilla and chocolate flavor.
These shakes keep me full for about 4 hours.
Surprisingly, both flavors work well with shakes.
I blend the chocolate flavor with almond milk,
two frozen bananas, and ice. The vanilla flavor
with almond milk, one frozen banana, and
alternate between strawberries, papaya, or

Amanda Lee

If your looking for a great protein powder
this one is good especially for those that
are picky when it comes to protein. Not
gritty and the chocolate taste is very rich.

Joshua Gunn

 Elite Protein is a good way for me to get nutrients into my body quickly and it taste good too.

Philip James

Where it all began.

Tyshawn’s journey to creating green regimen was not as predictable as you might think. a native of Connecticut, he decided to move to Los Angeles without ever seeing the city. he had no job, phone or car when he arrived to la. he needed a gig so he started working at a gym closest to his apartment. he began educating himself more about nutrition and he would frequently get tips on fitness from trainers working at the gym. however, he never thought that health and fitness would be career option for him.

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