Effective Ways to Burn Calories

How to burn calories in 2019

Top 5 Calorie-Burning weight loss workouts

When it comes to your weight loss workouts, are you aware of how many calories you actually burn every time you work out? If your goal is to lose weight and achieve optimum fitness, you need to mind the calories you eat and the calories you burn too. This is why diet and exercise always go hand in hand in achieving fitness.

There are many weight loss workouts out there but not all of them might be ideal for you. Some might be too strenuous and some might even be too boring for your taste!

However, if you are choosing a suitable weight loss workout considering its capacity to burn calories, this list is ideal for you!

  1. Running

    Running is ideal because it heightens your metabolism and enhances endurance. You need to be careful though because running can be a bit risky for your knees and ankles unless you do it right. It’s a full body weight loss workout that burns 435 calories per hour!

  2. Cycling

    We’ve always been a fan of cycling. It’s a fun and easy way to burn calories without the struggle. It’s one of those weight loss workouts that does not feel like a workout at all. Cycling burns 508 calories per hour. What are you waiting for? Pedal away!

  3. Swimming

    It’s undeniable that swimming is the star among workout routines! It is fun, relaxing and most of all, in swimming, you don’t need to sweat buckets to lose your calories. Just so you know, an hour of swimming will burn 653 calories! Wow, right? It also does not pose any risk for injury for your knees and ankles.

  4. Aerobics

    There are plenty of aerobic weight loss exercises that you can choose from. It can also be a fun and enjoyable way to burn those calories. An hour of aerobics will help you lose 399 calories!

  5. Weight Lifting

    Some people hesitate to lift weights during weight loss workouts because they are afraid that it will make them bulky – like a bodybuilder. However, keep in mind that a bodybuilder physique takes so much more than lifting a bit of weight at the gym. Lifting weights helps you burn 263 calories per hour but it does more than that! It helps develop muscle mass and working on your muscle mass gets rid of body fat. You can say hello to lower body fat percentage with this weight loss workout.

No matter which workout you choose, one thing is for certain. You need a good post-workout protein smoothie to develop your muscles and guard them against breakdown. After all, you’ve worked hard for them! Check out the best and most delicious plant-based protein powder here or you can try out this protein-rich organic recipe!