Plant-Based Protein Powders You Must NEVER Buy

If you’re thinking of incorporating more protein in your diet, more specifically plant-based protein, there are many things to consider. Especially when you’re thinking more of building muscles and improving your muscle mass, you need more complete types of protein in your diet and you definitely need more of it.

Choosing the healthier way can also be tricky but you can be smarter in your choices. Opting for protein powders is ideal because you get to supply your body with the amount of protein you need, minus the effort. You can just add your chosen plant-based protein powder into your green smoothie or make a smoothie out of the protein powder to refresh yourself after a sweaty workout at the gym. This way, you can have as much healthy protein in a day as you want.

The most difficult part is choosing the right protein powder. What will you look for in a protein powder? Of course you have to consider the taste. If you choose a plant-based protein powder that does not suit your taste buds, it’s useless. Surely, you won’t take it as much as you should.

More importantly, you should consider the ingredients. The
powder that you are looking for should be able to provide you with complete protein.

So here are the things you should watch out for in choosing your plant based protein powder:

  • You should never go for a whey-based protein powder

For years, this is the default ingredient for protein powders. Sure, it yields results for many but also, a lot of users complain of digestive problems, bloating and more importantly, gas. It doesn’t sound ideal now, does it?

The good news is that there are actually fresher types of protein powders in the market that delivers the same results (dare we say more?) minus the gas.

  • You should never go for a protein powder that only contains protein

Heavily-processed protein powders that focus only on the protein content is not ideal. After all, protein needs more vitamins and minerals to be absorbed more readily in the body. For that, choose a protein powder that also contains much-needed vitamins, minerals and antioxidants!

  • You should never opt for a plant-based protein powder without chlorella and spirulina

You definitely want these in your diet, not just for the protein but for the benefits you can get from them. Anti-cancer qualities – are you still in doubt? These also will help you heighten your immune system to protect you from illnesses. What’s the use of dieting and working out when you’d just fall off the treadmill to unconsciousness because of some infection here and there? Chlorella and Spirulina can also give your body and brain energy boosts for better performance mentally and physically.

So make sure to buy the right protein powder. Investing in your body is the best investment you can ever make in your entire life.

Why would you get yourself something less than what you deserve?