Quarantine Challenge

For the past few months, COVID-19,  Coronavirus,  has caused chaos around the globe.

However, for Americans, this Pandemic has just begun.  People have started hoarding food and toiletries as if there will be a shortage in the months to come.  Drive by most large chain grocery stores in Los Angeles and you will see a line wrapped around the corner.  Some stores have imposed limits as to how many of the same item that you may purchase.


On March 19, 2020, Los Angeles implemented a lockdown known as, the Safer At Home Act.  Under this statute, All "nonessential" businesses have been ordered to close their doors until further notice.  That includes gyms and fitness centers. Restaurants are allowed to only offer customers a To-Go or a delivery option.

For those who know me, working out is part of my daily regimen. But there is a saying… If there’s a Will There's a Way.  A Lockdown should not be an excuse to skip your workout and stop living healthy.  NEVER!  Instead of waiting for the lockdown to end, we should focus on what we still have control over...and that's living an optimal lifestyle.  Yes, the gyms and fitness centers are closed but we why can't we workout at home?

I prepared a 30-day Quarantine Workout Program.  No equipment, weights or home gym needed.  Will and determination is all you need in order to be successful with our workout.  

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Day 1 - 14


Elite Protein with Tyshawn

Don’t forget to drink plenty of water and your preferred plant based protein shake...in my case, that's Elite Protein and Elite Performance Protein.

Also, I will be posting the workout following the plan I made  on my Instagram @GreenRegimen and Facebook. So make sure you follow me there so you can see how to do the moves properly.

Stay safe, healthy and let's help each other get through this.